Healthy Aging: 3 People Who Are Changing What it Means to Age

In light of a recent article on called “3 People Who Are Changing What it Means to Age” written by Anne-Marie Botek, Ethical Alternative Products (EAP) has decided to weigh in on what it means to age in a healthy way.

The article highlights 3 influential people attempting to change what it means to age. Aging, in the U.S. culture, tends to have a negative connotation to it. One presenter, Tim Carpenter, asks his audience at every speaking event, “how many of you want to get older?” He reveals, only about half the room raises their hands, perhaps not realizing the nature of the other option.

Many people associate “dying of old age” to be a peaceful way to “go” resulting from natural causes. However Aubrey de Grey, another influential speaker, points out “death from aging is not only “natural causes”, it’s anything that mainly kills older people.” Two-thirds of the people that die every day, die from old age. Death from old age is basically anything young people do not die from.

There is a better way to go about aging so you continue to have a full life, rather than allow your body to “die of old age”. This is where healthy aging becomes important. While exercise and eating right is a key element in healthy aging, so is addressing body issues such as, joint pain, as they arise. One should not assume this is just a “natural” aspect of growing older. While supplements and regenerative medicine solutions may come at a cost, imagine all the hospital and doctor bills you will be paying in the long run if you put off the issue. A simple solution is available now. In a sense, “why put off tomorrow, when it can be done today”.

Here at EAP, healthy aging is a primary goal of ours and is the idea around a handful of our products. OmniFlex keeps joints healthy to maintain mobility, with added benefits to overall well-being. ThioGel is the premier anti-oxidant for oxidative stress, which is believed to play a major role in biological aging.

Making small changes now will not only promote a new attitude towards aging, but also increase the quality of life that we maintain as we age.,%202013

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