Solubilized Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg

60 Capsules

Regular Retail Price…..$34.95

ThioGel is a premium source of alpha lipoic acid that is supplied in a proprietary solubilized blend that is formulated with the highest quality raw materials for maximum bioavailabilty. ThioGel contains a racemic mixture of alpha lipoic acid (50% r-form and 50% s-form). Due to the increased bioavailability achieved with the solubilized formulation, ThioGel delivers a higher plasma level of r-lipoic acid than an equivalent dose of a powder-based r-form product.
ThioGel delivers enhanced blood levels of alpha lipoic acid to more effectively combat oxidative stress associated with numerous conditions. Prominent among these uses are counteracting free radicals associated with diabetic nerve damage, insulin sensitivity in the pre-diabetic, membrane lipid peroxidation in the liver of chronically infected individuals, and general biological aging.
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ThioGel Bioavailability

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