Real-Life Feedback from Tendonex Users

Tennis Elbow/Tendonitis
“I had a bad case of tennis elbow that had lasted for several months. I massaged Tendonex into my elbow and the pain immediately subsided. I used it for a few more days and the tendonitis disappeared. I’m not a strong believer in natural
cures, but I am a believer in Tendonex.” Brad, N.J.

” The Tendonex is amazing.  I’m using it 2X/day and haven’t had any pain.”  Susan, LMT Arizona

Plantar Fasciitis
“I periodically get pain in the arch of my foot, that I think is plantar fasciitis. A few
drops of Tendonex rubbed into the arch eliminates the pain and it usually doesn’t
come back.” Anthony, N.J.

Carpal Tunnel
“The Tendonex worked! My wrist wasn’t numb when I awoke in the night. Wow!
Thank you.” Sue, WI

Skin Care
“It’s the best product for wrinkles and skin damage” Plastic Surgeon, AZ

Nerve Pain
“I have a chronic sciatica problem and nothing has helped until I started using Tendonex.
Nothing takes the pain away, but with Tendonex I get relief and can sleep at night.”   Amby, NJ