Scientific Articles

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Oxidative Stress

Decline in transcriptional activity of Nrf2 causes age-related loss of glutathione synthesis, which is reversible with lipoic acid

Jung H. Suh, Swapna V. Shenvi, Brian M. Dixon, Honglei Liu, Anil K. Jaiswal, Rui-Ming Liu, and Tory M. Hagen

Feeding acetyl-L-carnitine and lipoic acid to old rats significantly improves metabolic function while decreasing oxidative stress

Tory M. Hagen, Jiankang Liu, Jens Lykkesfeldt, Carol M. Wehr, Russell T. Ingersoll, Vladimir Vinarsky, James C. Bartholomew, and Bruce N. Ames

Diabetes and Diabetic Complications

Efficacy and Safety of alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplementation in the Treatment of Symptomatic Diabetic Neuropathy

Trisha Stewart Foster

The Sensory Symptoms of Diabetic Polyneuropathy Are Improved With Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alexander S. Ametov, MD

The role of antioxidant micronutrients in the prevention of diabetic complications.

Bonnefont-Rousselot D.

Transition metals redox: reviving an old plot for diabetic vascular disease

Vincent M. Monnier

Liver Diseases

A conservative triple antioxidant approach to the treatment of hepatitis C. Combination of alpha lipoic acid (thioctic acid), silymarin, and selenium: three case histories.

Berkson BM.

Protective effect of alpha-lipoic acid against chloroquine-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.

Pari L, Murugavel P.

Liver fibrosis

Ramon Bataller and David A. Brenner

How Selenium Has Altered Our Understanding of the Genetic Code

Dolph L. Hatfield and Vadim N. Gladyshev