About Us

Combining the Benefits of Natural Health Products with Pharmaceutical Expertise to Achieve Optimum Restoration of Homeostatic Balance and Healthy Aging.

Ethical Alternative Products was formed by a retired pharmaceutical research scientist who later in life discovered the amazing properties of natural substances to restore a healthy balance when our bodies are stressed by diseases or just by the passage of time.  The motivation to form Ethical Alternative Products was provided by a combination of the scientific challenge to understand which products offer real benefits in restoring a healthy balance, and perhaps more pressing, the personal experience of occupying an aging body.  An added incentive was the realization that commercial products employing these extremely valuable natural substances don’t always perform at the optimum level because of solubility or other formulation issues.

The Perfect Nutritional Supplement Testing Laboratory Focused on Healthy Aging.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for the average consumer of dietary supplements to know what products are of real value.  Essentially all supplement products are now made in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices that assure ingredient potency and remove a major consumer concern, but there is still substantial confusion regarding the benefits of consuming different supplement products.

A knowledgeable review of the scientific literature can provide substantial guidance on the expected outcomes, but testing is usually limited to laboratory and animal testing and un-controlled clinical studies.  Further complicating the evaluation of nutritional products are the solubility (bioavailability) characteristics of the natural substance and the optimum formulation of multi-nutrient products.

Unlike most dietary supplement manufacturers, the septuagenarian scientific management of Ethical Alternative Products offers a means of testing product formulations on a personal level.  There are few positive physical or biological aspects to advancing age, but being able to personally experience the restorative properties of the products being tested, adds a powerful element to the discovery process.

Good Customer Service Also Facilitates Healthy Aging.

Ethical Alternative Products was created to provide dietary supplement users a trusted source of natural products.  We have chosen to only offer products that have a substantial body of scientific and clinical studies that support product efficacy and safety.  In addition, our products employ unique dosage forms to enhance performance and convenience, and are produced with premium quality raw materials.  Our products are produced in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

Coupled with our concern for the scientific validity of our products is our equally strong commitment to making our customer interactions a truly satisfying experience.  Our scientific management is matched with a youthful administrative management that is focused solely on customer satisfaction.