“I have been taking ThioGel religiously for two years. I started taking ThioGel when I had an ulcer on my big toe as a result of diabetes. I lost part of that toe and faced the seriousness of my neuropathy. I was recommended to start taking alpha lipoic acid due to its beneficial effects on diabetic neuropathy. ThioGel is a great alpha lipoic acid product which I will continue to take daily. Considering the seriousness of my condition, it’s nice to have a supplement product that I can trust”. Phil M. – Ridgewood

“I have been taking ThioGel for 5 years because my family has a long history of diabetes………….” Anne M. – W Long Branch

“These shoes feel too tight. I can feel my feet again! Before I started taking ThioGel, this was not the case. I had little to no feeling below the knee. After taking ThioGel my neuropathy significantly improved. I was able to return to work which entailed standing on my feet for the better part of the day and now I can actually feel when my shoes are too tight!!”. Rich G – Midland Park

“I’ve been taking ThioGel for over a year because of concerns about family heart disease……….” Patty M. – Middletown