Alpha Lipoic Acid: The Miracle Molecule that Combats Chronic Diseases and Promotes a Healthy Lifespan.

As we age, we seek ways to stay healthy and functional.  This article describes the biological properties of alpha lipoic acid, an amazing molecule that can help us expand our healthspan.  If alpha lipoic acid could be patented, we would be inundated with press releases, advertisements and compelling stories, that would be subsidized by the patent holder.  This barrage of information about the pro-health benefits of alpha lipoic acid would make it one of the most sought after health-enhancing molecules known to man.  Without patent coverage, however, alpha lipoic acid will remain a specialty item that most of the general population will never hear about.  This article was written to highlight the many pro-health biological properties of alpha lipoic acid that can help counteract the chronic diseases associated with aging.  Perhaps it will make a very small dent in the lack of awareness about this life-changing molecule.

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