Ethical Aternative Products Donates Premium Alpha Lipoic Acid Product to Support Awareness Program

Neuropathy Awareness Week May 13 – 17, 2013:
Ethical Aternative Products Donates Premium Alpha Lipoic Acid Product to
Support Awareness Program

Peripheral neuropathy is a devastating disease that afflicts more than 20 million people in the U.S., with most individuals unaware of the nature of their illness and the available treatment options. The widely studied nutritional supplement, alpha lipoic acid, is an option that has been demonstrated to be of great value in dealing with neuropathic pain.

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Peripheral neuropathy, or “nerve damage,” affects over 20 million Americans, making it one of the most common chronic neurological diseases and one of the leading causes of disability in adults in the U.S. Early warning signs can include pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. There are over 100 known types of peripheral neuropathy. One third of all neuropathy patients receive an “idiopathic” (or of an unknown cause) diagnosis. Another third of neuropathy patients have diabetic peripheral neuropathy (50-70% of all diabetics develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy). And, the remaining third have neuropathy resulting from autoimmune disorders like CIDP, heredity, cancer, HIV/AIDS, effects of chemotherapy, nutritional imbalances, infections, and toxins. With early diagnosis, neuropathy can often be managed. If ignored, symptoms can progress to persistent weakness, loss of sensation, chronic pain, or disability. Too often neuropathy is discovered after causing irreversible nerve damage.

Despite neuropathy’s devastating physical, emotional, and financial toll, awareness of the chronic neurological disease and its risks remains abysmally low. The amount of federal research funding dedicated to neuropathy research pales in comparison to the amounts for other neurological diseases. Since its founding in 1995, The Neuropathy Association has been working with patients, health care professionals, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and policymakers across the U.S. to raise neuropathy’s profile and encourage research to bring forth more treatment options and cures.

Ethical Alternative Products, a leading supplier of science-based dietary supplements, with a special focus on high bioavailability formulations of alpha lipoic acid, is supporting Neuropathy Awareness Week through product donations to local Chapter support groups. In addition to these group donations, individuals can obtain free trial samples of ThioGel Solubilized Alpha Lipoic Acid by visiting

About Ethical Alternative Products:

Ethical Alternative Products is a dietary supplement supplier that is focused on the research and manufacturing of a select group of scientifically sound, broad-use supplement products. The company mission is to develop and produce high-value supplements, employing innovative formulations and highest quality raw materials. Products produced by Ethical Alternative Products include ThioGel, ThioGel-L triple antioxidant liver formulation, OmniFlex multi-nutrient joint health product and Tendonex topical pain reliever.

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