Product Safety

Alpha lipoic acid has an excellent safety record over decades of use. There have been no adverse reactions reported, no known contraindications, and no known reports of ALA over-dosage. ALA is regulated as a prescription drug in Germany and dosages of 600 mg per day have been well-tolerated in long-term treatment of diabetic neuropathy. The only precaution is that ALA may lower blood glucose levels and individuals with diabetes should monitor blood glucose levels for possible adjustment of anti-diabetic medications. Individuals with glucose tolerance problems should also be aware of possible hypoglycemia with ALA use. Dr. Peter Dyck, renowned diabetologist at the Mayo Clinic, recently reported on a clinical study of ALA and indicated that the compound is “very safe”. “There have been no known complications”. It is also recommended that a daily multivitamin be taken when using ALA supplements, as ALA has been reported to deplete B complex vitamins due to its effect upon metabolism.

These statements are not intended as medical advice. They are intended as solely instructional and educational. Please consult a medical or health professional before undertaking any changes in your health treatment.