Occupying the Middle Ground — Q&A with Ethical Alternative Products’ Founder, Gerald A. Bruno, PhD

ATH: What prompted you to create Ethical Alternative Products?

Dr. Bruno: After a long career in pharmaceutical industry research and a successful stint as an entrepreneur, I invested in a startup company that had developed an innovative formulation of the recently recognized “universal anti-oxidant” alpha lipoic acid. This product was my first real exposure to the world of natural medicines. Performing “due diligence” on alpha lipoic acid started my transition from the hard science of pharmaceutical development and conventional medicine, to the softer, gentler world of alternative medicine. Over the past ten years, I have studied a substantial number of natural substances from a scientific and personal perspective and have concluded that natural medicines offer enormous benefits to our overall well-being. Ethical Alternative Products was created as a vehicle to share my view of how these valuable natural substances could be best formulated and sometimes combined to achieve a meaningful clinical effect.

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