Triple Anti-Oxidant Liver Formula, a Proactive Approach to Dealing with Environmental Toxins, is Now Available for a Complimentary Trial

Wyckoff, NJ (PRWEB) July 30, 2013 The use of pesticides, drugs and simple carbohydrates are spreading at an alarming rate and placing an added burden on our already over-burdened liver cells, the primary site for detoxification in our bodies.  In light of the recent EPA announcement considering raising allowable glyphosate (Roundup) residues higher, the solubilized [...]

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Be a Liver Lover

Quick: what is the largest organ inside your body that weighs about three pounds, is shaped like a football that´s flat on one side and is located under your ribs on your right side? If you guessed the liver, you’re right. Although it may not be a pretty organ it is an extremely important one [...]

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1 in 3 have fatty liver, study finds

Research uncovers disease that’s usually undetected, untreated October 7, 2007 By SUE GOETINCK AMBROSE / The Dallas Morning News    Although the Dallas Heart Study is primarily geared toward studying heart disease, the study has also included extensive analysis of the body’s fat distribution, including fat stored in the liver. In a 2004 study published [...]

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