People With OA More Sedentary Than Previously Believed

Study finds 40 percent of men and 56 percent of women with knee osteoarthritis are completely inactive. By Jennifer Davis 8/19/11 It’s long been known that many arthritis patients tend to be sedentary, but a new report shows just how pervasive the problem is. The study, published in the August issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism, [...]

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The Pain and the Spin Stops Here

By: Gerald A. Bruno Ph.D. February 3, 2010 The following is an account of the commercial development of a totally different approach to dealing with the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis (OA). When this story began, the only available options were trying the glucosamine/chondroitin supplements or opting for a surgical joint replacement. Ten years [...]

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Impact of Obesity and Knee Osteoarthritis on Morbidity and Mortality in Older Americans

Background: Obesity and knee osteoarthritis are among the most frequent chronic conditions affecting Americans aged 50 to 84 years. Objective: To estimate quality-adjusted life-years lost due to obesity and knee osteoarthritis and health benefits of reducing obesity prevalence to levels observed a decade ago.Design:The U.S. Census and obesity data from national data sources were combined [...]

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